Eastern Region Brothers in Law and Spirit Ordained, Priests Honored

On August 21, His Eminence traveled to Reading to ordain then-Deacon Konstantinos Koutroubas to the Holy Priesthood. Fr. Konstantinos had served for multiple years as the pastoral assistant and (recently) second deacon at the large community of the Eastern region, and early in his tenure he married Evangelia Palis, daughter of Fr. Nicholas and Pres. Irene Palis of St. Nicholas Cathedral.

Three and one-half weeks later, His Eminence returned to the Eastern region, first to “install” Fr. Konstantinos as the new proistamenos for Holy Cross GOC in Stroudsburg, PA, and then to ordain then-Deacon Theodosios Palis (son of Fr. Nicholas & Pres. Irene, and younger brother to Pres. Evangelia Koutroubas) to the Holy Priesthood. Fr. Theodosios and Pres. Elizabeth have been associated with the Annunciation GOC of Lancaster, PA, where he will continue to serve as the second full-time clergyman.

He “installed” Fr. Konstantinos in Stroudsburg because the former pastor, Fr. Theodore Petrides, had recently started a tenure as the proistamenos of Sts. Constantine & Helen in Reading, PA. Fr. Theodore came to Reading following the retirement of Fr. Thomas (Pres. Anne) Pappalas following his 35 year tenure as pastor of Sts. Constantine and Helen. A beautiful retirement dinner was held in Reading on Saturday, September 7, and during the Liturgy on Sunday His Eminence “installed” Fr. Theodore as the new proistamenos of the community—and he elevated Fr. Theodore to the dignity of Protopresbyter, in recognition of his many years of service to the Archdiocese, Metropolis, and the community of Holy Cross in Stroudsburg, (where he was the proistamenos for more than half of the parish’s history). Fr. Theodore has served as a regional Vice President of the Metropolis Clergy Syndesmos and in multiple positions, including President, of the Hellenic College—Holy Cross Alumni Association, as well as a tireless volunteer for our Metropolis Summer Camp program and Youth ministries.

Following the ordination to the Priesthood of Fr. Theodosios, His Eminence elected to honor the proistamenos of the Annunciation Church of Lancaster—Fr. Hector Firoglanis—by elevating him to the dignity of Economos. Fr. Hector and Pres. Katerina have served as foreign missionaries, and he has been a clergyman in Lancaster for over a dozen years following his return from Albania. He has volunteered as a member of the Summer Camp committee and as a regional Vice President for the Metropolis Clergy Syndesmos.