September 26-28 Metropolis Clergy-Laity, Philoptochos, & Youth Workers Assembly: Camp Hill, PA

Assembly Theme:

“Good Stewards of God’s Varied Grace” (1 Peter 4:10)

Working Together for the Glory of Christ’s Holy Church


Guest of Honor:

His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, Former of America

Register online by clicking this link!

Parish Delegates should plan on being present from 5:00pm Thursday (Opening Prayer and Keynote) through 1:00pm Saturday (Lunch and Closing).  Registration will be open Thurssday evening and Friday morning at the Church.  All meetings will be at the church.

Each parish can send:

  • To the Assembly: 4 voting delegates (Priest, Council President, 2 elected lay delegates) + unlimited non-voting observers
  • To the Philoptochos Meetings: Chapter President (or her designee) + 2 voting delegates
  • To the Youth Worker Meetings: Anyone responsible for the care of youth, but especially full-time Youth Workers, GOYA Advisors, and JOY/Hope advisors.

Among the topics to be discussed at the Clergy-Laity portion:

  • 2020 Clergy-Laity Congress in Cleveland
  • New Metropolis Center Progress and Updated Design
  • 2018 Metropolis Audit
  • 2020 Metropolis Budget
  • Election of Lay Delegates to 2020-2022 Metropolis Council, and 2 Lay Delegates to the Archdiocesan Council for the same term

Each Community is entitled to a voting delegation including:

  • For the Clergy-Laity: 1 priest, 1 parish council president (or another council member in their place), and 2 lay delegates elected by the parish assembly
  • For the Philoptochos: 1 chapter president (or another board member in their place), and 2 chapter delegates

Non-voting observers are also welcome from each community. We encourage the second priests, pastoral assistants, and other youth workers to actively participate in the Youth Worker track, which will feature critical updates about Youth Safety and other pertinent topics.

Lodging at Radisson Hotel Harrisburg

1150 Camp Hill Bypass

Camp Hill, PA  17011

Telephone: 717-763-7117

Rooms blocked off Wed, Thu. and Fri. nights at $85/night + tax

Make your reservation by August 27

Group Name: Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox

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