Department of Greek Education

The Department of Greek Education for the Metropolis of Pittsburgh, under the guidelines of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, provides programs that support all current Greek Schools and provides assistance and guidance to those that wish to start or reinstitute a Greek School program. Hellenic education encompasses language development, history, culture, literature, music, liturgical understanding, and knowledge of its contribution to other languages. The promotion and continuance of this Holy Language is of the utmost importance.

Objectives of the Department of Greek Education for the Metropolis of Pittsburgh

1. To provide seminars and workshops with prominent speakers for teacher development and viewing of materials
2. To provide testing centers for National and International Exams in Modern Greek
3. To provide a directory of Greek Schools
4. To provide an online Greek language course to supplement classes or offer instruction
5. To provide a camp for children to enhance their education
6. To provide resources for classroom assistance
7. To provide new programs to promote and facilitate the learning of the Greek language


Greek Education Survey

2019 Greek Language Festival

Saturday, November 2, 2019 - St. Demetrios Church, Rocky River, OH


Key Program Portions:

1. Quiz Bowl
Teams of three (3) students will compete in two levels. Eligible contestants are those currently or previously enrolled in Greek Language Studies. All the material needed to study for the Quiz Bowl is available to download at Links below are also available below for all the materials and forms.

A team can be comprised of students from multiple churches or schools. Each team creates its own name. A large traveling trophy cup will be placed at the winning team’s church or churches. Individual awards will also be given.

a. Intermediate Level : 4th - 6th* grade (American School)
b. Advanced Level : 6th* - 12th grade (American School)
(*Note: 6th grade students have the option of participating on either level)


2. For students who are musically talented we encourage you to perform either solo or with others an original Greek song or Greek instrumental selection or a selection from an existing Greek composer. This is open for all grades, K - 12th grade American  School.
3. For students who love to act we encourage you to perform an original Greek skit or one from an existing writer. This is open for all grades, K - 12th grade American School.
4. For students who love art we encourage you to submit your artwork for the Art Exhibit with the title in Greek. This is open for all grades, K - 12th grade American School.
In addition, there will also be various booths, food, and fun for all.

Click here for the study materials

Click here for the School/Parish Registration form

Click here for the Individual Registration form

Registration deadline is October 12, 2019

Questions: Maria Stamoolis: [email protected]






Cultural Resources for Greek Education

Cultural Resources for Greek Education

Byzantine Music Instruction

  • Archon Peter Clyde Papadakos [email protected] - Weekly:  Tues. 7pm            
  • At Dormition of the Theotokos: 12 Washington Ave., Oakmont, PA 15139
  • Dr. Nick Giannoukakis [email protected] - Weekly: Thurs. 7pm
  • At Kimisis Tis Theotokou: 2111 Davidson Street, Aliquippa, PA 15001

Greek Radio Programs

Greek Chorus and Dance Instruction

  • Armonia Chorus - Maria Stamoolis - 412.963.7283
  • Grecian Odyssey Dancers - Mary Doreza - 412.371.6721
  • Olympic Dancers - Demetri Pantzoulis - 412.494.7430

Hellenic Organizations

Hellenic Periodicals