2015 Clergy-Laity Documents

2015 Clergy-Laity Documents

These are all of the reports and resolutions of the 2015 Clergy-Laity at Sts. Constantine and Helen in Cleveland Heights, OH.

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Finance Committee Report



                    To:     Fr. George Callos, Chancellor, Metropolis of Pittsburgh


                    Cc:     Mr. Steven Sellas and Fr. George Livanos,

                                                    Co-Chairs, Finance Committee, Metropolis of Pittsburgh


                                  From:     Harry Ruska, Recording Secretary, Annunciation Cathedral, Columbus OH


                                   Date:     September 24, 2015


                             Subject:     Minutes of Finance Committee Meeting



Meeting opened by Co-Chairs Steve Sellas and Father George Livanos, of the Finance Committee at approximately 3:30pm

Fr. George Livanos began the meeting by providing an overview of the finances of the Metropolis.  In general,

  • 95% of the parishes in the Metropolis are contributing to the 12+1 program.
  • There are 4 parishes that have not paid or very behind in payments to the Archdiocese.
  • The Metropolis is aggressively promoting a Metropolis Stewards program whereby individuals may pledge funds for direct use of the Metropolis.  The focus will supplement the budget to cover needs for youth programs.  This is similar to the St. Photios program in the past where individual contributions were collected.

Steve Sellas discussed some highlights of the current financial position

  • The budget for 2015 income is $1,017,000.  To-date 59.4% of the allocations have been collected.  Based on historical results, this should be more like 67%.  Some of the shortfall is associated with 4 parishes having financial issues and others affected by timing (Festival timing).
  • The committee has made significant improvements in the number of parishes meeting their improvements.  This improvement is linked to offering suggestions, continuous communication, and follow-up.
  • The committee is motivated to collect the $440K to realize a reduction in cushion requirements mandated by the Archdiocese to handle uncollected funds and earning a bonus from the Archdiocese when targets are hit.   Both of these have implications on budget requirements for future years and realizing an unbudgeted gain.

Steve relayed the results of the first-ever Archdiocesan Allocation Meeting held in Canonsburg, PA Parish of our Metropolis. 

  • Each Metropolis sent two delegates. 
  •  One of the biggest issues is that some Parishes fail to submit two year histories on Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Detailed supporting materials.   There are penalties established for failure to submit these in a timely manner.
  • Overall, the Pittsburgh Metropolis 2016 assessment was decreased by $11k from 2015 levels.

Metropolis of Pittsburgh Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2015

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Steve Sellas mentioned that the Metropolis is currently being audited for 2012, 2013 and 2014 fiscal years.

  • Waiting on feedback from CPAs
  • Summer vacations have made connecting to key individuals a challenge.


Steve Sellas said that Finance Committee reports the financial records by splitting income and expenses into 4 major categories:


  • Butler Property (aka Mount Taber)
  • Youth Programs
  • Archdiocese Allocation
  • Operations


The following questions were raised by the attendees along with the responses of the committee leadership:


Q:    Why is the “Other” line item negative $100,000?

         A:    This is a credit received from the Archdiocese for the Camp Director


Q:   Why is the Youth Director allocation line item negative $35,000?

         A:    This is a credit received from the Archdiocese for the Youth Director


Q:   Are there any plans or considerations to sell the Butler property?

         A:    There have been no inquiries to sell the 126 acres.  No appraisal has been done.


Q:   Why has the Sub-Surface Rental Income been booked in 2014 and budgeted for 2015?

A:   The leasing rights for natural gas production was planned to be realized in 2015, however,        

         the actual cash was received in late 2014.  This was, for the most part, a balance sheet               transaction with little spending earmarked for these proceeds in 2015.  Therefore, the                                        budget impact for 2015 will only be a fraction of the $323K received in 2014.  Currently,

         there are no other distributions expected from the lease due a slow-down of activity                                

         in the area.


Q:    Have any other parishes considered taking up special collections for Camp scholarships during their Festivals?  Fr. Panteleimon Maillis                  shared his successes at covering some of these expenses by encouraging visitors to donate their spare change.

         A:   No real reason to not do this.  It is up to each Parish.


Q:    Would combining weeks at Camp Nazareth provide an opportunity for spending less by maximizing capacity utilization?

         A:   The only weeks not at capacity are those associated with Hope/Joy.  Filling up empty capacity

                  would result in an undesirable situation where the ratio of campers to adults would increase. 

                  This would not be good situation with our youngest camper group.   All other age groups are

                  at capacity, and in some cases have waiting lists.  Therefore, there aren’t any gains possible.

Metropolis of Pittsburgh Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2015

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Steve Sellas reviewed the 2016 Budget Proposal.  General comments:


  • The budget proposal includes a full time Camp Director and an Administrative Assistant
  • Currently projecting a loss of $59,400. 
    • This loss would be eliminated if all four parishes currently behind would be paid                                        up in full for 2016.


Father Livanos shared his concern that too many parishes are relying too much on their Festivals.  He believes that many of our parishioners have the capacity to help the parish meet their financial obligations without such a heavy emphasis on outside parties (participating at Festivals) making up a big part of budgets.


The following questions were brought up by participants while Steve Sellas was reviewing the income and expense line items within the proposed 2016 budget:


Q:    What costs are covered by the Archdiocese?

         A:   Salaries and benefits of the Metropolitan, the Chancellor, the Registrar, $35K of                                                

              the Youth Director position and the Secretary.


Q:   Why was actual spending in 2015 for conferences in excess of 2015 budget levels?

         A:   Our Chancellor, Fr. Callos, attended a very special training session at Indiana University

               regarding best practices for fundraising.  This program is considered to best of its kind.


Q:   When will be the next Metropolis President’s & Treasurers meeting?

         A:   January 9th at Monessen, PA Parish


Q:   Why are professional fees of $1000 included on the Youth budget when we have not experienced any spending in previous years?

         A:   Occasionally, graphic design work needs to be completed for flyers and pamphlets.  In the            

              past this type of work was donated to the Metropolis.  Therefore, the lack of actual spending   

              in previous years is not reflective of the activities needed.


Q:    Any consideration given to reinstate publishing a newsletter to help communicate the financial status of the Metropolis?

         A:   This would be under the responsibility of the Communications Committee.


A motion was made by John Chames to accept the 2016 budget proposal as presented by the Finance Committee.   The motion was seconded by Fr. Theodore Petrides.  The motion passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 5:01pm