The Duties of the Local Metropolis Council

(From the Uniform Metropolis Regulations, part of the Archdiocesan Regulations, revised in 2007.  An up-to-date copy can be found at

Section 1: The Local Council is the advisory and consultative body to the Metropolitan and is concerned with the life and growth of the Metropolis, its ministries, institutions and financial condition. 

Section 2: The Local Council shall be comprised of the Metropolitan, the Chancellor, eight (8) Clergy of the Metropolis and eight (8) Laity elected by the Local Assembly as a whole, as well as appointees by the Metropolitan from the Clergy and Laity totaling no more that eight (8) persons. Legal Counsel for the Metropolis may attend meetings of  the Local Council, at the request of the respective Hierarch. Its members shall serve for a two-year term commencing at the conclusion of each Congress.

Section 3: The appointed members of the Local Council serve at the pleasure of the Metropolitan and may be removed by him at any time with a proper explanation. The elected members of the Local Council may be removed for any of the reasons specified in the Regulations pertaining to the members of the Archdiocesan Council. (See Article 18, Sections 1 through 3). All voting members of the Local Council shall execute the Disclosure Statement (attached hereto as Addendum A-2) pursuant to the Disclosure Policy (attached hereto as Addendum A) prior to assuming their office.

Section 4: Meetings and Interim Authority:
A. The Local Council shall be convened at least twice annually by the Metropolitan as well as in special session as he may determine, together with the reason(s) ttherefor.
B. The Local Council exercises interim authority in lieu of the Local Assembly when:
1. So convened by the Metropolitan; and
2. Advised as to the purpose and necessity therefor.

Section 5: In addition to the Metropolitan as President, the Local Council shall have a Vice President, who shall be a lay person, a Secretary, a Treasurer and such additional officers as nominated by the Metropolitan and elected at the first meeting of the Local Council following the Congress. Neither the Vice President nor the Treasurer shall serve in their respective offices for more than six (6) consecutive years, unless the Metropolitan waives this restriction.

Section 6: Standing and Other Committees: The charges of the Local Council standing committees and such other committees as may be established by the Local Council shall be approved by the Local Council. The standing committees shall be the Executive Committee and the Audit Committee.