​Metropolis Folk Dance Festival enjoyed (attended) by 300+

The Metropolis FDF brought together Dancers & their families from parishes throughout the Metropolis, including those as far away as Holy Cross, Stroudsburg and St. Nicholas, Bethlehem, on November 16th – 17th. The weekend event hosted by Holy Cross, Pittsburgh and chaired by Neolea Dance Director, Georgia Yamalis.

Our Metropolis FDF is non-competitive and the environment is one of fellowship and learning. Folk Dance Instructors from various areas of the country to come teach dances that will be new to the participants. Did you know there are over 500 Greek Dances, many specific to islands & villages? This is what Keith Mastorides, Director of the Hellas Dancers of Holy Trinity, Clearwater, FL told us. His Instructors gave lessons on dancing from Crete, Cyprus, the Ionian Islands, Karpathos, Megara and the Pontian region.

On Saturday, there were instructional workshops and in the evening was full with a delicious dinner, performances by Senior dance groups and Greek dancing featuring the Greek Company Orchestra. His Eminence, Metropolitan Savas honored 3 long-time Dance Directors who have given over 100 years (combined) to the Folk Dance Ministry and other ministries of their parishes: Mary Doreza (Ypapanti, East Pittsburgh – Grecian Odyssey Dancers), Maria Nacopoulos (Koimisis Tis Theotokou, Erie Hellenic Dancers) and Eleni Paxos (St. Haralambos, Canton – St. Harlambos Hellenic Dancers). On Sunday following Divine Liturgy and brunch, the Junior Dance Groups performed. His Eminence remarked that he never expected to see such complicated dances from the Juniors, who gave performances that you would normally see at the Senior level.