OCF College Conference

Testimonial by Nicholas & Sophia Goussetis

As Orthodox college students, we are often at odds with the experiences we are subjected to on our campuses. For many of us, attending university presents the first time in our lives where we must consciously choose to be practicing Orthodox Christians. While we have countless opportunities to make choices consistent with the teachings of the faith, and many of us are blessed to take part in events and fellowship with our local OCF chapters, being an Orthodox Christian student at university can be a challenge.

We know we speak for others when we say that College Conference is a highlight of being an Orthodox college student. College Conference is a wonderful opportunity to develop knowledge of the faith, discuss meaningful and relevant topics, and cultivate connections with a pan-Orthodox group of students. We are always eager to enter an environment in which shared beliefs and backgrounds allow us to form lasting bonds and learn from our peers and the esteemed speakers.After participating in the keynote address, workshops, discussion groups, and church services, we leave College Conference with many tools to enrich and reinvigorate our campus lives. Inspired by beautiful examples of Orthodoxy, we feel encouraged to share the same joy, love, and wisdom on our campuses.


Year after year, College Conference has been essential to our college experience. Though the conference only lasts a few days, it truly has a lasting effect on our spiritual journeys, giving us a renewed sense of the meaning of our faith. College Conference is the perfect opportunity to learn, reconnect, and continue to choose Orthodoxy.