Thank You

By Niko Marsh, 2019 HS Graduate, from Holy Trinity GO Church, Pittsburgh.

Thank you for giving me a place to ground myself and reset.
Thank you for showing me the Crying Icon of the Theotokos.
Thank you for giving me my first real Confession.
Thank you for bringing people into my life that I want to have in my life for the rest of it.
Thank you for giving me a place that I can let down my walls.
Thank you for the 3:00 a.m. talks about what weighs me down.
Thank you for being a place to escape the enclosing societal walls.
Thank you for introducing me to people who show me that I can be a better person in how I treat other people.
Thank you for helping me grow into a better person.
Thank you for making me feel loved.
Thank you Camp Nazareth.

(During the 4th session of Summer Camp, approximately 60 Graduates were given the opportunity to express their feelings via Graduate Speeches. In August and September we are highlighting two of those speeches.)