Orthodox  Religious Education Resources


  New from the Department of Religious Education -- for use during this time.

Religious Ed @ Home: https://www.goarch.org/educators-articles Each week, a variety of discussion questions, activities, lessons, and crafts arranged by general age groups is posted for use on Sunday.


Covid-19 Resource Center: https://www.goarch.org/covid19  Once on the page, scroll down to Resources for Family and Youth                                                                               

Department of Religious Education: https://www.goarch.org/departments/religioused

Center for Family Care: https://www.goarch.org/departments/family

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver’s Orthodox Catechism Projecthttp://www.orthodoxcatechismproject.org

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Franciscohttps://sanfran.goarch.org/pages/core-church-school-curriculum-for-youth Core Religious Education for Youth


Other Jurisdictions and Resources:

Orthodox Youth Directors of North America (Assembly of Bishops): http://www.orthodoxyouth.net/

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese Department of Christian Educationhttp://ww1.antiochian.org/christianeducation

Orthodox Church of America, Department of Christian Educationhttp://dce.oca.org/

Ancient Faith Ministries: https://www.ancientfaith.com/

Illumination Learning: http://illumination-learning.com/main/  Orthodox Christian Education Resources

Orthodox Christian Education Commission: http://orthodoxchristianed.com/  Total Parish Education

Orthodox Pebblesorthodoxpebbles.com Resources for teaching our Budding Rocks of Faith

Orthodox Christian Fellowship: https://www.ocf.net/connect-with-christ/

The Orthodox Children's Press: http://www.theorthodoxchildrenspress.com  Connecting Home and Church