2015 Clergy-Laity Documents

2015 Clergy-Laity Documents

These are all of the reports and resolutions of the 2015 Clergy-Laity at Sts. Constantine and Helen in Cleveland Heights, OH.

Portlet de afișare resurse

Youth Committee Report

Youth Committee @ 2015 Metropolis Clergy-Laity

9/25/In the Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Fifteen

2:45 p.m.


  1. Kind words from Fr. Joe about all our Metropolis Youth Workers
  2. Ted Cherpas appointed recording secretary.
  3. Fr. Andrew and Akron parishioners are running tomorrow to benefit IOCC.
    1. Axioi!
  4.  Surveys distributed for feedback to whole audience.
  5. Rhea begins her presentation.
    1. Reviewed Youth Ministry handout, “highs and lows.”

i.Highs: Many full time Youth Workers in the GOMoP.

ii.Lows: Caryn Cherpas fell asleep in the Lord in August.

  1. Calendar of Events for 2016-2017 still being formulated.

i.For 2017-2018, hopefully will be posted by Sept. 1st.

  1. Fr. Michael Gavrilos: JOY Retreat @ St. Gregory’s Monastery
  2. Fr. Alexey Video Presentations: JOY 1, GOYA 4, Clergy at Night
  1. Our JOY numbers are down. Sadness.
    1. Bishop GREGORY: Family Camp. Fri, Sat, Sun, 10 families. Weekend retreat for people who have never been. They can always sign up for that summer too!
    2. Fr. Alexey: If one family goes, it breaks the ice for others.
    3. Rhea: Parishes that send a lot of kids tend to be active in many areas.
    4. BG: My kids come from South Florida. It’s not too far.
  2. Fr. Andrew Lentz

i.Greek Night w/ Cavs? (Note: Tickets are very expensive.)

ii.Possible GOYA Futsal League. Co-ed League.

  1. Full season with regions
  2. In between Basketball and Pascha.
  3. One-day tournament for Quarter finals, semis, and finals.
  4. Two 24 minute halves with a running clock, or two 20 minute halves with clock stoppage?
  1. Fr. Joe: Project Mexico
    1. Sent 8 persons
    2. Spiritually focused experience, also very well organized and professional.
    3. Very safe trip, good first step for us.
    4. 40 people are now interested from St. Spyridon!
    5. Trips are definitely worth the time and effort it takes to organize them.
  2. Rhea: Be the Bee
    1. Watch Steve’s video on Church Councils feat. HEMS
    2. “Be the Bee” Videos are great resources for GOYA, Sunday School, etc.
    3. Also, “The Trench” for Young Adults (18 – 30)
  3. Angie: Center for Family Care
    1. Wonderful Webinars offered each month live and via recording.

i.Raising Children, Depression, Special Needs, Elder Care, etc.

  1. Parents bring the kids to Church, we must get them involved.

11.George Athanasiou: Be the Bee Retreat

  1. April 1st through 3rd. Pan-Orthodox. A true “Cleveland” event with committee members from every CLE parish.
  1. Rhea: Young Adults Program shifting from YAM to REAL.
    1. REAL Weekend on Nov. 7th weekend. Orthodoxy on Tap.
  2. Rhea: Annual Orthodoxy Youth Worker Conf.
    1. Dallas, TX in January 2016
    2. Pan-Orthodox Event
  3. Bishop Gregory: OCF
    1. Pan-Orthodox Ministry with 200+ Chapters across the country.
    2. College Conference EAST and WEST in December 2015.
    3. OCF is asking parish priests to send contact info of incoming freshman.

i.Have local OCF Chaplain within the first 40 days of 1st Semester

  1. Rhea: Our Metropolis college students are really involved with OCF.

15.Fr. Alexey: “Clergy After Hours” Video, GOYA 4 Video, Slow-Mo Video.