Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

The new Metropolis Center offers a singular opportunity to honor God through your stewardship, to celebrate your family or commemorate the lives of loved ones by sponsoring the chapel, the iconostasis, the Metropolitan's residence, office space, meeting rooms, and more.  A commemorative plaque will be hung prominently either in the building or a possible prayer garden.
Campaign Leader $6,000,000 (done!)
Office Building


Chapel, Icon Screen, Icons $1,500,000
Multi-Purpose Hall $1,000,000
Terracy, Entryway $500,000
Metropolitan's Residence $500,000
Kitchen Equipment $250,000
Grounds, Landscaping $500,000
Library & Conference Room $250,000
Metropolitan's Office $200,000
Chancellor's Office $150,000
Registrar's Office $150,000
Philoptochos Office $150,000
Youth Office $150,000
Camp Office $150,000
Education Office $150,000
Registry / Archives Room $150,000
Reception Area $150,000
Contribute to the New Metropolis Center Project

Contribute to the New Metropolis Center Project 

To make a pledge or donation please visit: https://onrealm.org/GreekOrthodoxMe/give/NMC

Or you can mail a Pledge and/or Payment to our secure Lockbox:

New Metropolis Center
PO Box 640729
Pittsburgh, PA  15264-0729