Clergy Syndesmos Purpose

The St. John Chrysostom Clergy Syndesmos unites the clergy of the Metropolis in mutual support, for spiritual growth and priestly formation. 

The Syndesmos sponsors 1-2 retreats per year, holds 2-4 in-person meetings, facilitates monthly clergy calls, participates in events sponsored by the Archdiocesan Presbyters Council (APC), and represents the clergy brotherhood to the Archdiocesan Benefits Committee (ABC), Hellenic College / Holy Cross Alumni Association, and APC.  The Syndesmos operates a modest bookstore and publishing operation to help sustain its mission, was responsible for the foundation of the Fr. George Christulides Memorial Scholarship Fund, and provides benevolence to clergy families in need.

The Syndesmos Officers and representatives for the 2022-2024 term are:

President:  Fr. Andrew Lentz (St. Demetrios GOC, Rocky River, OH)

Central Vice-President:  Fr. Eleftherios Constantine (St. Nicholas Cathedral, Pittsburgh, PA)

Eastern Vice-President:  Fr. Aaron Gilbert (Holy Trinity GO Cathedral, Camp Hill, PA)

Northwest Vice-President:  Fr. Nicholas Halkias (Holy Trinity GOC, Canton, OH)

Southwest Vice-President:  Fr. Demetrios Tsikouris (St. John the Divine GOC, Wheeling, WV)

Secretary:  Fr. Andrew Tsikitas (Annunciation GOC, York, PA)

Treasurer:  Fr. Anastasios Athanasiou (Holy Trinity GOC, Ambridge, PA)

Immediate Past President:  Fr. Joseph DiStefano (St. Nicholas GOC, Youngstown, OH)

APC Representative:  Fr. Michael Ellis (Sts. Constantine & Helen GOC, Mansfield, OH) + Fr. Lentz

HC/HC Alumni Representatives:  Fr. Nicholas Manuel (Annunciation GOC, Akron, OH)

(Fr. Michael Gavrilos (St. George GOC, New Castle, PA) is also on the HC/HC Alumni Board as Executive Officers, and thus doesn't "count against" our Metropolis's official representation.)

ABC Representative:  Fr. John Touloumes (Holy Trinity GOC, Pittsburgh, PA)

At-Large Representatives to the Metropolis Council: Frs. DiStefano, Mark Elliot (St. George GOC, Huntington, WV), + Jon Emanuelson (Assumption GOC, Morgantown, WV)

For more information on the Syndesmos bookstore, visit:

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