About the Religious Education Commission

The Religious Education Commission is made of educators (lay and clergy) from around the Metropolis committed to preparing resources and best practices for use in our communities and among our people.  Looking at Religious Education as a life-long journey, the Commission strives to support efforts for all ages and stations in life.

*NEW* Sunday School Planning Calendars

It is with great joy that we present, for the first time, Sunday School Planning Calendars. The purpose of these calendars is to organize existing curriculum from the Department of Religious Education to fit within the calendar year while adding supplemental resources pertaining to each lesson, such as new lesson plans, object lessons, crafts, coloring sheets, books, etc.

Please note that not all resources are Orthodox. When possible, we did offer Orthodox options! If as you work through these calendars, you feel any of the additional resources are not well suited for your age group, please email [email protected] so edits can be made. Finally, anything with a $ next to it means it is a resource that must be paid for.

Thank you to the efforts of Vasie-Leigh Andriotis, Anna Berg, Maria Deteroakis, Nitsa Kambouroglos, Alyssa Kyritsis, Lisa Makroglou, Paige Nicholas, Heather Nicolozakes, Mary Ann Papantonakis, Helen Primbas, Helen Rankin, and Paul Tela for making this possible!

Preschool (COMPLETE Version)

Kindergarten (COMPLETE Version)

First Grade (COMPLETE Version)

Second Grade (COMPLETE Version)

Third Grade (COMPLETE Version)

Fourth Grade (COMPLETE Version)

Fifth Grade (COMPLETE Version)

Sixth Grade (COMPLETE Lessons, Supplemental for March 10-May 26 Below) *

Seventh & Eighth Grade (COMPLETE Version)

High School (COMPLETE Version)


*Sixth Grade Supplemental Documents

March 10-March 31 Teacher Guide

March 10-March 31 Student Guide

April 7-April 28 Teacher Guide

May 12-May 26 Teacher Guide


Sunday School Director and Teacher Resources

With great gratitude to the members of the Commission, and especially to Phyllis Meshel Onest, the first-ever Diocesan/Metropolis Director of Religious Educaiton, we present the following resources for Sunday School Directors and Teachers:

Director/Teacher Manual - General Files
Front Cover
Church School Prayer
Church School Staff Affirmation (aka oath)

A - Teacher-Supervisor
Teacher-Supervisor List

B - Director/Supervisor Resources
Supervisor Handbook
Supervisor Guidelines
Church School Director Job Description
Sunday School Handbook (generic)
What Should a Parish Have Available for Teaching the Faith?
Textbook & Materials Planning
What Your Child Should Know
Desired Attributes of Church School Directors (article)

C - Teacher Resources
Teacher Handbook
Teacher Checklist
Church School Teacher's Notebook
2021-22 Calendar (example of planning calendar)
Teacher Self-Evaluation Tool

D - Teacher Articles
Live the Liturgy - Teach the Liturgy
Engaging Parents with Religious Education
Four Keys to Great Teaching
Self-Confident Teacher
Why Use Pictures
Online Resource List for Teachers and Parents

E - Lesson Plan Items
Lesson Plan (basic)
Lesson Plan Outline With or Without Textbook
Lesson Plan Tools


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