GOMoP-Alooza Music & Arts Festival | Saturday August 17

It has been His Eminence Metropolitan Savas’ dream for years to host an annual music and arts festival, showcasing the many talents of the people of our Pittsburgh Metropolis.
That dream will finally become a reality this year with our first ever metropolis GOMoP-Alooza Music and Arts Festival! This will be an event for the whole family, held on Saturday, August 17th at the St. Demetrios Community Center in Warren, Ohio.

All the art displayed, and music performed will be offered by our very own GOMoP people, of all ages. We also have a very real need to raise funds for our Metropolis Youth and Young Adult Ministry, and this event will hopefully become an annual fundraiser for it.

Please identify an individual in your parish to serve as a liaison for the festival – someone who could identify and encourage talented people in your parish to perform at the event or display their art/craft. This liaison could also approach various individuals and organizations to encourage them to donate to the event to underwrite costs and fund our youth/young adult ministries. Finally, they could make sure that flyers, announcements, etc. were displayed or distributed.

If you can’t find a suitable liaison, I humbly ask that you do your best to approach prospective performers/artists/donors yourself and encourage them to participate. Also, please make sure that GOMoP-Alooza flyers and other materials are displayed or distributed in your parish buildings and parish communications.

Please submit via email the name or your liaison, or the name, particular talent, and contact phone number or email address of your talented people to Fr. Joe DiStefano at [email protected]. Please feel free to contact Fr. Joe with any questions you may have.




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