Building in Faith: Your Metropolis Center

Building in Faith: Your Metropolis Center

“One generation shall proclaim thy works to another…” -Psalm 144:4

The mission of our holy, God-protected Metropolis of Pittsburgh is to proclaim our Orthodox faith by engaging in Christ-centered ministry. A new Metropolis Center enables that mission by serving you, the faithful of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia today and for generations to come. This is your Metropolis Center, a place to worship, to meet, to enable ministry, gather in celebration and more – all of the things that allow us to live our faith.

Fulfilling our mission for the future means proclaiming our commitment today.

You have the opportunity to declare your steadfast belief in the mission and ministries of the Metropolis by pledging your support to this once-in-a lifetime project. The Giorgi Family Foundation and other Metropolis families such as the Kusturiss, Pihakis and Frangakis families have already declared in these our foundational stages of commitment.

On behalf of the Metropolis Center fundraising committee, I ask that you too prayerfully consider a pledge in support of your Metropolis and its work for the glory of God and His Holy church for years to come.

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