Metropolis Council Committees

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Meets on a more regular basis (typically bi-monthly) to advise His Eminence and support the day-to-day operations of the Metropolis.  Consists of His Eminence, the Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Philoptochos President, Syndesmos President, Lay Co-Chair of the Finance Committee, the Chancellor, and other members per the discretion of His Eminence.

ADMINISTRATION: Deals with procedural matters concerning the Metropolis Assembly, Metropolis Council, and the various Parishes, and compliance with the Archdiocesan Charter and Regulations, and the Metropolis Encyclicals and decisions of its Council and Assembly.

CLERGY-LAITY ASSEMBLY: Works with the Metropolis staff and the Council executive committee to plan for the annual Metropolis Clergy-Laity Assembly, and to evaluate the format and content of the Assembly.

COMMUNICATIONS: Facilitates the various means of promoting the work of the Metropolis, the Council, and its parishes, especially through the Metropolis publications, website, social media, and email listserv.

ECUMENICAL & INTER-ORTHODOX: Works with various inter-Christian and inter-Faith groups within the Metropolis (Councils of Churches, etc.), and facilitates closer relationships with the other Orthodox jurisdictions – within Pittsburgh and throughout the Metropolis.

FAMILY: Promotes engaging ministry to families within the parishes that assists with daily practice of the Orthodox faith, strengthening marriages, and raising of devout children.

FINANCE: This committee has two primary foci: 1. The financial record-keeping and operation of the Metropolis, and 2. The participation and cooperation of the parishes in the National Ministries Allocation assessment process and collections.  Also reviews parish finances, major transactions, and other elements at His Eminence’s request.

FUNDRAISING (CAPITAL CAMPAIGN): Oversees the preparation for, and execution of, a capital campaign for the purpose of building a new Metropolis Center and funding the ongoing ministry therein.

GREEK EDUCATION & CULTURE: Directs and coordinates the various Greek educational and cultural programs on the Metropolis level, collaborates with existing programs and events (Greek Room at Pitt, various Independence Day parades, etc.) and works to supplement the work of the parish Greek educators, in consultation with the Greek Education Director.

JOINT CAMP COMMITTEE (AD HOC): Works on a collaborative committee with the Carpatho-Russian Diocese on potential partnership and development at Camp Nazareth.

LEGAL: Works to address any questions or difficulties of a legal nature that arise in the work of the Metropolis, its ministries, or in the life of the parishes.  The co-chairs of the Legal committee are also members of the Administration committee.

METROPOLIS BENEFACTORS: Promotes stewardship to the Metropoilis via the Metropolis Benefactors and other related programs.

NEW METROPOLIS CENTER (AD HOC): Oversees the project to design & build a new purpose-built Metropolis Center.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION COMMISSION: Directs and coordinates the various educational programs on the Metropolis level (like the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival), and works to supplement the work of the parish religious educators, day schools, homeschooling families, and other Christian educators through facilitating teacher training, sharing of best practices, and resource dissemination and/or production.

STEWARDSHIP, OUTREACH,and EVANGELISM: Assists in the education and empowerment of parish leadership in the principles of Christian stewardship, community outreach, and evangelism through the dissemination of appropriate materials and the facilitation of training seminars and workshops.

ST PHOTIOS AWARDS BANQUET: Coordinates the annual dinner honoring distinguished parish and Metropolis volunteers.

YOUTH COMMISSION: Directs and assists with the various Youth and Young Adult ministries in consultation with the Youth and Young Adult Ministries Director & Camping Ministries Coordinator.


** N.B. The committee co-chairs are free to invite others to join their committee, and are not restricted to Metropolis Council members. 

His Eminence, the Vice-Chair, Chancellor, and Secretary are invited to participate on all committees.

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