Project Updates

February 2024 Construction Report

Given the winter months and the heavy rainfall, our geotechnical engineers felt that the work that was done in November to provide an improved base in the elevator pit had to be revisited as the replacement clay had been water saturated for so long and comprimised.  After much testing of additional clay found on the site, and the dry weather we enjoyed all last week, the clay base was removed and replaced with flowable fill concrete and dry/compactible clay with footers poured.  We’re all done with that with a total incremental cost of $36,000 to the project.

In the meantime, scaffolding was erected and encased with plastic over the two-story stairwell so that masons could work in that area.  At the same time, footers and piers were completed for the first floor and much work was done to continue building the foundation walls on the first floor and basement which will continue, weather permitting


Before Kathy and I began to visit parishes, St. Spyridon in Clarksburg, WV had pledged $10,000.  We are so pleased to show them in our list of pledged parishes.  And too, St. John the Divine in Wheeling has now pledged $15,000, St. Haralambos in Canton, OH has pledged $10,000 and Sts. Constanine & Helen in Reading has pledged $25,000 as well.  Inspiring!

Annunciation, Akron, OH ($20,000)

Annunciation, Columbus, OH ($50,000)

Annunciation, Lancaster, PA ($50,000)

Holy Trinity, Camp Hill, PA ($100,000)

Holy Trinity, Canton, OH

Holy Cross, Pittsburgh, PA ($100,000)

Sts. Constantine & Helen, Cle Hts, OH ($20,000)

Sts. Constantine & Helen, Reading, PA ($25,000)

St. Demetrios, Rocky River, OH

St. John the Divine, Wheeling, WV ($15,000)

St. John the Forerunner, Youngtown, OH ($50,000)

St. Haralambos, Canton, OH ($10,000)

St. Nicholas, Bethlehem, PA

St. Nicholas Cathedral, Pittsburgh, PA

St. Paul, North Royalton, OH ($25,000)

St. Spyridon, Clarksburg, WV ($10,000)

Among our parishes, we have now raised $475,000 and again, we are so pleased!  Please consider inviting us back to your parish if you need help in developing a parish pledge or inviting us to introduce the project to your leadership.  The more awareness we can create, the more support we will all experience.  Everyone should be represented in support of our church. 

We are currently scheduled to present at parishes twice more in March.  Hopefully, we will crest the Half-Million mark next month!!!  Be part of that and part of the fellowship, training, ministry, worship, outreach that this new building will provide for us all.  This is our legacy. 

For this Lenten Season, we will create a mailing to the parishioners whose parishes were kind enough to share their mailing lists.  Look for it!  Thereafter, we hope to have social media videos of ministry workers speak to the potential this new center gives us all.

As I always will, I ask that you seriously consider a pledge, or raising your pledge, or pre-paying your pledge so that we AVOID ANY DEBT!  We will continue fundraising until we are there!  Please help us so that this new home is only ever a blessing AND NEVER A BURDEN to our church.  Please help.

To pledge, please click on this link or scan the QR code below:

New Metropolis Donation Link

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