The Metropolis Clergy-Laity

The 2023 Metropolis of Pittsburgh Clergy-Laity, Philoptochos, and Youth Worker Assembly will be held from September 28th - 30th in Reading, PA. 

The Metropolis Clergy-Laity Assembly concerns itself with matters affecting the life and growth of the Parishes and communities within the Metropolis (except for dogmatic and canonical issues). It deals with matters of common concern including the uniform governance of the Parishes, educational programs, financial programs, and philanthropic concerns as well as with the better organization and effectiveness of the Parishes. The Assembly also submits proposals and recommendations to the Archdiocese for submission to the next Archdiocesan Clergy-Laity Congress.

By tradition our Assembly meets annually in the Fall, and is comprised of the Metropolitan, members of the Metropolis Council, any members of the Archdiocesan Council who live in the Metropolis, and 4 representatives of each parish - the parish priest, parish council president, and two elected lay delegates.  The 2-day session includes educational workshops, committee sessions, opportunities for networking and collaboration, and the plenary session.  In even-numbered years the Assembly takes place in the Greater Pittsburgh area, and in odd-numbered years it travels to the other regions of the Metropolis.